Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Soaring Through Science-Based Art

After our first week of classes, I must say, my students are bringing a lot of artisitic talent and scientific curiosity to class!!

This week, Soar Through the Solar System found us orbiting the sun while rotating out in the Monroe parking lot, making a solar eclipse, creating solar flares, and discussing thermo-nuclear fusion as well as the Auroras.

Marine Marvels and Animal Kingdom students have been working on polishing their drawing skills and are ready to discuss habitat. This week we will design a marine or land animal in its natural habitat.

Last week's Botany class was full of color as we discussed the difference between vascular and non-vascular plants. We went outside and picked a variety of vascular plants (plants that have tubes to draw up nutrients and water through) and we looked at them under the microscope. Then we peered at a couple non-vascular plants, moss and lichen, under the same scope. We also made our own soap with various scents and textures for srubbing. Finally, we put carnations in colored water as an experiment.

Technology Treadmill students learned a lot about simple machines and using light and shading in their drawings.

What a great start to our semester and what tremendous students I am blessed to teach!!