Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spring 2014 Soar Through the Solar System

Soar Through the Solar System - Taught At Eielson AFB on Thursdays from 2:30 - 4:30PM and on Fridays, 2:30-4:30 PM in Fairbanks
For more specific directions, please email Dawn Cogan at sciencebasedart@yahoo.com

About Our Teachers

Instructors: Mrs. Cogan & Mrs. Ekblad

This class begins on Jan. 9th at Eielson AFB and Jan. 10th in Fairbanks

For the location, please email us.

Students will learn about our incredible solar system. Every lesson includes a science experiment as well as fine art which is displayed in a student-designed and published book.

Eielson Lesson 1: 1/9/14
FBKS Lesson 1: 1/10/14
Science - Astronomy Discussion & Introduction
Art - Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Eielson Lesson 2: 1/16/14
Lesson 2: 1/17/14
Science - Our Sun Discussion: Make a Solar Eclipse
Art - Design the Sun with Oil Pastels

Lesson 3: 1/23/14
Lesson 3: 1/24/14
Science - Mercury Activity: Craters
Art - Charcoal Rendering of Mercury

Lesson 4:  1/30/14
Lesson 4:  1/31/14
Science - Venus: How Are Radars Used to Study the Planets?
Art - Marbled Tempera paint of Venus

Lesson 5: 2/6/14
Lesson 5: 2/7/14
Science - Earth: Make a Hot Air Balloon & Set it Off!
Art - Pointillism

Lesson 6: 2/13/14
Lesson 6: 2/14/14
Science - Moon Discussion on Gravity & Phases
Art - Batik of the Moon

Lesson 7: 2/20/14
Lesson 7: 2/21/14
Science - Mars - Sculpt a Volcano and Make it Erupt!
Art - Modge-Podge Collage

Lesson 8:  2/27/14
Lesson 8:  2/28/14
Science - Space Rocks
Art - Pastel Chalk

Lesson 9: 3/6/14
Lesson 9: 3/7/14
Science - Jupiter Project: Make a Hurricane Tube!
Art - Water Color

Lesson 10: 3/13/14
Lesson 10: 3/14/14
Science - Saturn Project: Venn Diagram Comparing Jupiter & Saturn/Density Experiment
Art - Color Pencil

Lesson 11: 3/27/14
Lesson 11: 3/28/14
Science - Uranus Experiment: Make Clouds
Art - Pastel Chalk

Lesson 12: 4/3/14
Lesson 12: 4/4/14
Science - Neptune Discussion: Rotation & Revolution
Art - Water Color Salt Weave

Lesson 13: 4/10/14
Lesson 13: 4/11/14
Science - Pluto & the Kuiper Belt - Class Debate & Make Ice Cream!
Art - Collage

Lesson 14: 4/17/14
Lesson 14: 4/18/14
Science& Art - Make Solar System Book Binding in Class & Begin Publishing Book

Lesson 15: 4/24/14
Lesson 15: 4/25/14
Science& Art -  Complete Publishing Solar System Book

Friday, October 25, 2013

Russian through Art and Stories
Make beautiful art as you learn the language "hands-on" style!
  • easily learn many Russian words
  • learn to read this beautiful language
  • debunk the "Russian is soooo hard" myth
  • hear some truly remarkable Russian stories & geography facts
Ages 2 - 202  :)
Classes once a week
Come to just one or come to all!

WHEN: Thursdays, October 24th, 1 - 2:30

WHERE: Fairhill Community Church, 101 City Lights Blvd (thank you, Tammy and folks at Fairhill!)

We ask the parents to stay and take part in - at least - the first class, please.

You don't have to RSVP, we would rather you come and not call then call and not come :)
It is nice to be able to somewhat know how many people you are about to work with though,
so if you can please either call 374-7015 or e-mail svetlana@intlacademy.us

Cost: $5 per student suggested donation, or $10 for a family.
This is a not-for-profit event; all funds go to support our community.
Our first mission is the purchase of Russian children's books for the Noel Wien Public Library!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Garden Workshop

Ladies and Gentlemen, at long last the Fall Garden workshop!  This Saturday, Oct 26th, from 10-1 at the University Community Presbyterian Church,  3510 College Rd.  Doors open at 9 for registration and light refreshments.  


Pass this along, and come join us!  It's still Fall after all!!!!


Fall Garden Workshop

Saturday, Oct 26, 2013

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Doors open at 9 am for registration and refreshments


$25 general admission

$10 for current MG members

 (cash or check only; membership forms will be available at the door)


10 am

Interior Fruit Trees and Shrubs – Steve Masterman

Steve sells grafted apple, plum, and pear trees, and is a local expert on 

planting and caring for fruit in Fairbanks


11 am

Intro to Hydroponics – Emily Reiter

Hands-on demonstration of an easy and inexpensive way to grow lettuces and herbs


12 pm

  Starting Perennials from Seed – Tracy Pulido

Tracy owns Chena Lakes Farm in North Pole, and sells hardy perennials 

here and at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market



Sponsored by: 


Master Gardeners of the Tanana Valley

PO Box 72248, Fairbanks, AK 99707-2248

Phone contact:  907-474-2422 or 907-378-0503


Registration at the Door (doors open at 9 am)

Hosted at University Community Presbyterian Church

--Downstairs in multipurpose room--

3510 College Road (across from Gulliver's and College Inn)  

Coffee, tea, and light refreshments provided 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Science-Based Art Classes for Spring, 2014

Classes being offered by Science-Based Art will be posted next week!  Mrs. Cogan will be teaching Creative Essay Writing, High School/Intermediate Art and several Soar Through The Solar System classes. Mrs. Ekblad will be teaching Primary Science and a new writing class.  Dates, times, and syllabi will be posted next week.