Monday, April 14, 2014

First Hive Check of the Season

By Friday, 4/18/14 or Sat. 4/19/14, we will perform our first hive checks of the season. (We never open the hive when the outside temperatures are below 50*)

Below is a list of what we are doing/looking for:

Filling up the sugar water (don't let your bees run out of sugar syrup!!)
An empty queen cage (which should be removed from the hive and stored for the fall queen caging event)
Eggs (1/4 the size and about the same shape as a grain of white rice)
Larva (plump worm-like)
Queen (If you do not find your queen but you do have eggs and/or larva, then you more than likely have a queen, BUT. . . if you do not find the queen and there is no "royal evidence" (i.e. eggs/larva) then your hive may be queenless. I do have several back-up queens on hand. They are $25 a piece in the case you need to re-queen.

Stay tuned for updates. Pretty soon the bees will be hauling in willow pollen! Watch for those pussy willows!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Estimated Arrival of our Bees tonight.

I just spoke with Steve and Donna Victors and we estimate they will arrive about 8PM tonight with our honeybees.

Live Hiving Demonstration 4/12/14

I will be hiving four colonies tomorrow afternoon at 3PM. One colony will be hived into a top bar and the other three will be hived in to Langstroths.
Location 1709 Carr Avenue off Aurora Drive. (East Side) 
For directions, call me on my cell: 460-6050

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Live Hiving Demonstration for Science-Based Art Beekeeping Students

Families who attended my beekeeping class in February are invited to a live hiving demonstration either Sat evening or Sunday afternoon when temperatures reach 50* or warmer. Location 1709 Carr Avenue off Aurora Drive. (East Side) Talk with me on Sat. if you have any questions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Message from Steve and Donna Victors

Bees for Fairbanks will be distributed from the Monroe High School parking lot on the side that borders Betty Street.  We will update the home answering machine from several points along the Parks Highway as we progress northward.  This will allow the beekeepers from Delta Junction to have the time to travel to Fairbanks and arrive close to the same time that we do with the bees.
As of yet we do not have a beekeeper who has let us know that they are willing to carry bees for others from Fairbanks to the Delta area.  When one lets us know, we will send that information out.

Steve and Donna

April 12th Honeybee Shipment

I just spoke with Steve Victors tonight. He is currently in Seattle and heading down to Sacramento, CA tomorrow morning. He will assist in getting our honeybees packaged and delivered to the airport there around 3PM on Friday 4/11/14. Our bees will arrive in Anchorage on Sat. morning. Steve and Donna estimate their arrival at Monroe Catholic School (Gym Parking Lot) will be 6PM . Stay tuned for updates. . .

Monday, April 7, 2014

Science-Based Art Classes for Fall 2014 Are Posted!!

Science-Based Art of Alaska, LLC will be offering more classes in the Fall, 2014!
To see syllabus information, just click on the links above.
Dates and times will be posted very soon!

Honeybees Arrive this Saturday!

This coming Saturday, April 12th is the expected arrival of Steve Victors first delivery of honeybees.
Pollen patties will be available for sale on Sat. for $5.00 each.