Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Classes Starting!

Although all my classes are full for Fall of 2010, I am hoping to have some students on my wait list in the case that any of my students are not able to attend class this semester.
Also, I will start the same classes again in January.

Fairbanks, Alaska
Starting the week of August 23, 2010 through December 10, 2010
Tuition is $20.00 per two hour lesson
One semester commitment
Fifteen lessons per semester/one lesson per week
Four students per class/Five classes to choose from

Materials included
Contact Dawn at
Highschool Credit: 1/2 art credit per semester

Soar Through the Solar System:
Explore our universe beginning with the sun and traveling through the planets.
(This class is full for Fall of 2010)

Animal Kingdom:
Artistically capture a variety of animals in their various habitats.
(This class is full for Fall of 2010)

Marine Marvels:
Recreate the colorful ocean environment.
(This class is full for Fall of 2010)

Beautiful Botony:
Draw, paint and sculpt plants, trees and flowers in their various landscapes.
(This class is full for Fall of 2010)

Technology Treadmill:
(3rd - 8th grades) Focusing on perspective with special attention to machines and devices.
(This class is full for Fall of 2010)

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