Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Queen Checks

Here in the next couple days beekeepers should be performing queen checks. Provided it is 50* or warmer, open your hive(s) and grab the queen cage. Pull it out of the hive and look to see if the queen is out of her cage. There may be some worker bees buzzing around inside the queen cage. Remember, you are looking for a bee that is much bigger with a white dot on her thorax. If she is out of her little box then pull out several frames (one at a time) to see if they have eggs and larva. If any of you don't see eggs and larva by Sat. April 30th, call me at 374-8984 and I will come inspect. I do have extra queens in case anyone has problems.

1 comment:

  1. Dawn, I found my queen and she was wandering all around the frame. I'm not sure there's enough comb for her to lay yet. But we'll see on Saturday. Supposed to be 60F! Should we be using a smoker to do our checks? I didn't yesterday. Thanks!