Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Haystack Mountain

We are heading out to our homestead officially for the summer!!! Yay!!! I will still be posting beekeeping info. about twice a week so stay tuned!! All of my Science-Based Art classes are full for this coming fall and I look forward to a fantastic summer.
Blessings to All,

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  1. I just wanted to update my hive post as well, so far we are doing great, I have a thriving hive that is producing babies, pollen and honey, I took out the instillation and added new panels yesterday. I also have the start of beeswax collection ( a large baby food container jar, LOL). The only concern I had was I didn't see my white dotted queen, but I think she was either laying her babies and I just didn't see her or she was at the bottom of the hive. I will be checking on it on Sunday to see if I can either find her or notice a change in the hive. So far there were no new queen cells that I could find.