Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Honeybees Arrive One Month From Today!!

Beekeepers who have ordered from Steve Victors of Alaska Wildflower Honey will receive their beloved honey-producers exactly one month from today on 4/13/13 or 11 days later on 4/24/13.  Preparations:  Be sure you have a beesuit and it wouldn't hurt to purchase your sugar at this time.  I buy 25 or 50 lb. bags from Costco in Anchorage or Sam's in Fairbanks.  Remember the ratio is 1:1.  Sugar water will mold if you mix it too far in advance so wait to mix it.  You could also purchase a spray bottle for your hiving.  They are $0.99 at Home Depot (standard) - You don't need a Catalac for a spray bottle!  Pollen patties will be available for sale when you pick-up your bees.

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  1. I just got a new bee suit. Thanks for reminding me about the sugar.