Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding Eggs and Larva!

So how do I get all the bees off the frame so I can see into the back of the cells to hopefully find eggs and larva? The most gentle way is to blow air from your mouth onto the bees and its like magic! They will willingly scurry away from the cells you are trying to see inside of. By now, everyone should have at least one frame with a healthy brood pattern. If the brood is spotty then you may have a queen problem. If you can't find any queen evidence then you may need to try using a magnifying device. If you still think you have queen trouble after checking again, don't hesitate to call me and I will do a hive check alongside you. If you have a queenless hive the bees will attempt to make other queens but this process is impossible without an existing egg laid by the original queen. Catching queenless colonies early is the key to success because if not re-queened within a couple weeks, the colony population drops to dangerous levels. Remember, the bees only live for up to 45 days and it takes 21 days for each new generation to be born. Also, remember not to leave any extra space between your frames (1/4 inch is the perfect amount). Frames should be snug up against each other with any extra space left to one side or the other of the brood box. Keep feeding sugar water as this is the only source of nourishment and comb building resources the bees have at this time.

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