Monday, July 21, 2014

Rainy Season & Caging Queens

Many people have been reporting very little honeyflow this season. I blame it on relentless rain!! I will do my next hive check this Thursday, July 24th and will post an update on my assessment of where we are at with our season. Many beekeepers are still finding swarm cells in their hives. We must continue to be diligent to remove them.  I will cage queens around the end of the first week in August so if you want to join me and watch before you cage your own queen(s) you are invited.  The date and time will be posted on this blog in about a week.


  1. We have a worker bee laying eggs - our queen left us and we didn't have any viable queen cells. Not good, but something new to learn about!

    1. How to tell if a worker is laying eggs: There will be multiple eggs in each cell. They will be attached to the cell walls and even be laying horizontally in the cells.