Friday, May 8, 2015

Time to add more space/Feeding/Ant problems

I am adding a second brood box to all my hives this weekend. I like to add the new box to the bottom since heat rises and I want the brood to stay warm. When it is warm enough the queen will drop down and begin laying in the bottom frames. After she lays in several frames in the bottom box and weather is more consistent, I switch the boxes putting the top box on the bottom and the bottom on the top. This divides the nest a bit which entices the bees to work harder at drawing out comb and getting the brood in both boxes connected into one large nest. Sugar water feeding is still needed until dandelions appear. If you happen to have ant problems get a kiddie pool and set up the hive in the middle of the pool. put water in the pool (not too deep as you don't want to drown your honeybees).

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