Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Science-Based Art
Instructor: Dawn Cogan 
To register, email Dawn at sciencebasedart@yahoo.com or call Dawn at (907)460-6050.

This workshop/course can be taken for 1 college credit through the University of Alaska, Bristol Bay https://www.uaf.edu/bbc/

To register for the accredited course, call Toll Free: 1-800-478-5109

3/3/17 6-9PM
3/4/17 10AM -5PM
3/5/17 11AM - 2PM

Monroe Catholic School - 615 Monroe Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701

What is beekeeping? How much honey will I get? How much will this all cost me?
• Equipment necessary to keep bees in Alaska
• Biology and races of honeybees
• Members of the hive and their duties
• Where can I get bee equipment? Should I get new, used or build my own?
• Getting equipment ready for the arrival of bees
Hands-on Project: Construct a beehive in class
• Insulation, feeding bees properly
• What to do when the bees arrive
• Is my queen marked? (queen marking tool)
• Management of honeybee colonies in Alaska, The Beekeeper's Calendar
• Running 2-Queen Hives
• Swarming and how to prevent it
• Honeybee diseases
• Extracting your Alaska honey
• What to do at the end of the season/wintering over
• Storing your equipment
• Beeswax candle making

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