Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Days Until Honeybees Arrive: 0

Our beloved buzzers will arrive on April 14th as scheduled! If anything changes I will post info. here!! Also, as a reminder, bring your equipment inside, out of the cold, to warm it up a couple days before the bees arrive. The same day you bring your equipment inside, mix up your sugar H2O (1:1) and store it at room temperature. Do you have a spray bottle for when the bees arrive? How about your tiny marshmallow(s)? I will have pollen patties for sale when the bees arrive for $5.00. Steve Victors will probably charge a fee of around $5 or $10 (per colony) for driving the bees up to Fairbanks. The place to pick up your buzzers is the Monroe Catholic School Parking lot. (At the corner of Betty and Ina Street) I will be calling everyone when Steve is about an hour away and his estimated arrival time is 5PM on April 14th.

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