Monday, May 13, 2013

Change Entrance Reducer Daily If Possible

So, I'm starting to change my entrance reducer when it's 50* everyday.  Then, before it gets below 50* at night, I change it back.  If you can't do this because your hives are at a different location than where you live, just leave the entrance reducer on the smallest side.  It is not yet warm enough at night to allow the larger entrance. 


  1. I'll have to wait until warmer weather to change my reducer. I did a complete hive check on Saturday since it was finally warm enough for me. I found both queens were producing. I even saw a few adults emerging. The most interesting thing I saw was a couple of workers with pollen on their legs. Looks like when it is warm enough, they already know where to find pollen.

    1. This is the most exciting part of the season when we can watch our bees zoom in and out of the hive loaded with pollen!