Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My First Bee Sting of the Season!

I got my first bee sting yesterday (right in the middle of the top of my head).  I wasn't even bothering the bees!  I was cleaning up an area in front of the hives (about 15 feet away) when a well-trained guard bee spotted me.  I didn't have my suit on so I got to do my first frantic bee dance for the year - shuffling while slapping my head and face, spinning around and just plain pulling my hair out all the while!  I began feeling a burning sensation right smack in the middle of my head and that's when I knew that my dance failed - I had been nailed!!  Our bees are no longer helplessly trapped inside their hives.  They have and will become much more aggressive and defensive of their territory so move slowly, talk sweetly, wear a suit, and carry a big bee brush!!

1 comment:

  1. Me too. I got it in the head yesterday too. The close distance I had been observing the bees around the hives is no longer safe. I'll have to keep a larger distance now.