Monday, May 5, 2014

Changing Spring Entrance Reducers, Adding Bee Space & Hive Checks

Entrance Changes:
When the weather dropped off tonight, I put entrance reducers back into the hives and set them to the smallest entrance. When it warms up again, depending on the temperatures, I'll set them to the medium-sized entrance or perhaps even remove them completely again.

Adding Bee Space: Beekeepers who have mostly drawn-out frames could add another brood box now since we are having an amazingly fast pollen build-up year. This would give the bees more space for brood and pollen stores. If the weather keeps going like it has been, we may have an early honeyflow which would change the beekeeping schedule a bit. If that's the case, I will be updating the calendar here on this blog.

Regular Hive Checks:  From here on out, after confirming you have a strong queen in each hive, complete hive checks should be done every 10-12 days.

Do You Need More Beekeeping Equipment?
If anyone is in need of beekeeping equipment, one of our beekeeping kind is headed down to Big Lake. Fred Tuttle:  347-0651

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