Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hi Folks, What a GREAT start to our season!! I removed all my inner and outer insulation last evening and today am removing my entrance reducers. If the weather drops off cold again (below 40*) at night, I will put entrance reducers and out insulation back on the hives. No need to offer pollen patties at this time so freeze any extra pollen patties you might still have laying around to use when we get a rainy week later in the season. I have been removing a few queen cells so as long as your queen(s) is/are laying well with full patterns of brood (you should have several or more frames (both sides) with eggs, larva and pupa in each hive), you are in business for a promising honey season!! If you think you don't see any queen evidence, it's time to have someone help you determine if you need a new queen. I have a few extra queens. They are $25 each. Stay tuned for a few pictures with explanations!

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