Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep Performing Hive Checks!

I continue to perform complete hive checks every 12 days. My sugar feeders have all been removed from the hives and frames have replaced them as well as inside insulation frames. I have removed all outside insulation as well. Keeping water nearby is paramount throughout the entire season. I think I will add honey supers a couple weeks early this year with the early blooming pattern we are seeing with local flowers. I will let you know when that is and estimate two weeks from today. I am down to two back-up queens so if anyone has an extra queen the want to get rid of please let me know so that if someone calls I can refer them to you. The going rate for queens is $30.00 at this time. If you discover problems with ants you could get a kiddie pool and create a mote around your hive by setting it up on foundation blocks in the middle of the kiddie pool. The ants will drown before they reach the bee hive.

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