Friday, May 6, 2016

Looking at Pupa!

Everyone who had their honeybees arrive on 4/23/16 should see eggs, larva, and now pupa! Below are photos of pupa patterns. The workers have secreted wax and sealed the brood with a thin layer of wax for the third stage of the metamorphosis. Within the next 10-15 days our first baby bees will be hatching out. When you do your hive checks you can look for their little heads as they chew their way out of the cells. I have re-queened one of my personal hives and two others. If you don't see eggs, larva and pupa by now your hive may bee queenless. Call an experienced beekeeper to have a look at your colony if this is the case! I have removed my outer insulation and still have the inner insulation frames in my hives. Sugar feeding should be complete by May 15th since we should be seeing more dandelions by then. Colonies at higher elevations or cooler locations may need to feed longer.

 Pupa - "Capped Brood" - The third stage of the metamorphosis of insects.
  1. "An insect in its inactive immature form between larva and adult, e.g., a chrysalis." (Google)

  2. Hatched Out Queen Cell - If a queen has already hatched out this is what you will find.
    Female Honeybee Birth
    Queen Bee Cell

    Queen Bee Cells
    -Remove queen cells to prevent swarming!!
    Queen Bee Cells

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