Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi Folks,

I added my honey supers in the last two days and sure enough, it was time!!  I found several frames full of capped honey already.  I'm convinced, the honey-flow is just around the (soltice) corner!  I'm still removing lots of queen cells so I don't have any swarms right before my girls bring in all the golden honey!!  I had to remove grass from in front of my hives again.  Hey - if you don't want to remove or trim the grass, you can get an old carpet remnant and lay it down in front of your hive(s).  This will save you time and work. Don't forget that your bees might get overheated right now since it's so hot outside.  One way to tell if your bees are too hot is if you have hundreds or even thousands of bees fanning the air out in front of their hive.  If you suspect they may be overheated, just place
16-penny nails diagonally across the top-front corner edges (right under the top lid).  This will allow for better ventilation.  By the way, you picked a great season to keep honeybees!!  I do believe this season will bring in a very boutiful harvest!!!

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