Friday, August 10, 2012

End of Season Tips!!!

If the weather drops off cold or rainy, I will put a pollen patty across the top of my frames in each hive.  I will pull out several pollen patties now so that if I need them, they will already be room temperature and I won't have to wait for them to thaw out.  Chances are pretty good that your bees are eating most of their honey.  If you have any frames with capped honey, I recommend you go ahead and rob them now because if you wait, you won't have any honey to harvest.  Don't take frames with eggs, larva, or pupa.  Go ahead and let them hatch out before robbing them.  Keep in mind the bees can get grouchy this time of year since the pollens are declining, it's getting colder, and especially after you rob honey.   Be sure to zip up your veil completely and use ductape over the top of the zipper.  Wearing a hoody and sweat pants under your suit is a great precaution, also. 

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