Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shop Vacuuming My Bees

Today I began the painful process of shop-vacuuming my bees.  I am vacuuming a couple hives at a time in the early morning or later evening when it's too cold for the bees to forage.  Later, in Jan. or Feb. I will pull all the equipment inside the garage and clean it up.  Fall is far too busy to try to clean up all the beekeeping equipment along with harvesting.  In the last week I've canned 4 cases of quart-size greenbeans, 33 quarts & 14 pints of pickled beets and 96 pints of sourkraut.  The root cellar is all cleaned out and the doors are open so that any extra moisture is expelled.  The carrot and potato bins are out on the lawn getting bleached by the sun.  In a couple weeks we will dig around 2 ton of potatoes and dig up all our carrots to store them in the root cellar.  The potatoes will be stored in wooden bins and the carrots will be layered in dry river silt.  We even found some carrots left over from last year that are still good to eat.  Amazing how the Lord gives us everything we need!!

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