Saturday, April 29, 2017

Important Beekeeping Tips to Remember

Pollen and nectar are two different sources of nutrition for honeybees. Even though the bees are now hauling in local pollen, I never remove sugar water until dandelions have appeared in prolific numbers. I have been topping off my sugar water every three days.  Hives with most frames fully drawn out with honeycomb, may need another brood box. I add my second brood box to the bottom of the hive since heat rises and cool falls. I want to keep my baby bees warm and it makes it easier to fill the feeder as well. We are adding second boxes on Sunday 4/30/17. Anyone who wants to observe this can meet at our house at 2:30 PM to shadow Dan. He will complete full hive checks as well. I will be out of state from 4/29/17 through 5/11/17 and will respond to emails every few days.


  1. Hi Dawn, will you leave the insulated follower boards on the first box and add a set to the second box?

  2. I don't remove inner insulation until night temperatures are above 35* - 40* and I insulate all boxes until this point. All of my hives have a second box added to the bottom now with the original brood box on top and the new box on the bottom.

    1. What I meant to type is at 35* to 40* inner insulation can be removed.