Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Message from Steve Victors dated 4-11-17

Good Evening Interior Beekeepers,

A special note to all of our interior beekeepers:

If you have serviceable empty packages from last year's bees we would appreciate having them back. This can help control the costs of future shipments. We cannot use the cans again but the wooden screened boxes can be refilled.Please bring them to the Fairbanks pickup point and we can load them in our trailer after we distribute the bees.I am about ready to head out to collect the bees for the 15th.

I have the list sorted and dates/pickup locations are all set.

Donna and I will be picking up the bees from Airfreight as soon as we
can morning.  Last Saturday it was at 7:30 AM. The time
could be variable depending on how busy airfreight is.
It will take us about an hour and a half to sort, load and secure the
bees.  We will update the home recorder 892-6175 with the status of the
bees; and if there is likely to be any problems with the delivery
schedule, you will find that information there.  You may call this
number to get the latest update.    It is not necessary to leave us a
message.  We will not be able to respond to voice mail messages until
late night when we return home.  When we leave Anchorage we
will update the recording with the latest information.  We will continue
from Anchorage to the Wasilla drop point.  Once we have bees ready for
pickup in Wasilla, we will again update the recorder.  We will then
continue updating the recorder as we go north to Fairbanks, Update
points will be Talkeetna, Cantwell, and Nenana.  By this manner, you will
be able to predict our arrival time.
Our pickup point is the same as it was last year: across the street from
Dawn Cogan's house on 605 Betty Street.  This will be in the back
parking lot of Monroe High School.  We are guessing an arrival time of
between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM but the home recorder will have the closest arrival
time on it.
We will have our cell phones with us but may be unable to answer if we
are busy loading, sorting the bees or out of cell range.  Text messages
will likely get through as we can read them once the bees are loaded and
we are moving to the delivery points. If you send a text please leave
your name and phone number with your message for a return call.

If you ordered supplies to be delivered with the bees be sure to
retrieve your things.  If you ordered and prepaid for pollen substitute,
it too will be in the supply pile wrapped and have your name on it.  If
you are paying for any supply order please put the money in an envelope
with your name on it.  The delivery of the bees is quite hectic and if
someone just hands us money we often wonder who it came from several
hours later.

Donna will be home until Thursday, April 13th for those who wish to come
out to pick up supplies here in Big Lake.

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