Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today I did hive checks, discovering all of my queens are very fertile and workers are very happy despite all the cold weather.  Almost every single frame is drawn out to the maximum.  Since I added additional boxes to the bottom of the hives a couple weeks ago, I'm not worried about the queen running out of cells to lay in.  If you have drawn-out comb and have not added another brood box, you should!!  I fed my bees what I think will be their final sugar water today with some Honeybee Healthy (essential oils).  It's always nice to finish the feeding frenzy as it's a lot less work when all you have to do is hive checks every 10-12 days.  I expect our weather will get warmer soon.  Would anyone like to visit my top bar hive to see how it works?  I would like to do it the last week of May.  Any takers? 

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  1. I think my 6-year old would be very interested. Will you post again with details?