Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flip Your Reducer!!

Finally, Jack Frost has been kicked out of town.  It appears we will have no more nights below freezing so go ahead and flip your entrance reducer, changing the entrance from .5 inches to two to three inches.  Also, watch for weeds or grass growing up in front of your entrance(s).  To make this a lot easier, you can put a piece of old carpet down on the ground in front of your hive(s) to keep the weeds and grass from growing as it can slow the efficiency of the bees getting in and out of the hive to forage.  Very soon we will be removing our sugar feeders and inside insulated follower boards.    Don't plant any starter plants in the ground until Memorial Day weekend, just in case Jack comes back!!  After soaking your seeds overnight, peas, carrots and beet seed can be planted anytime now.  It's time to get gardening so enjoy!!

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