Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now is the time when we start checking for "bee space" so pay attention to how many frames have empty cells for the queen to lay in.  If you have less than four frames with empty cells, then you need to add another brood box BENEATH the current box!!  The new box should have insulated follower boards on the inside and the bubble wrap on the outside.  Keep the sugar feeder in the top box for easy access and filling.  REMEMBER, the box may be very heavy so be careful with your back and lift properly!!  I am limping around because my boxes were really heavy when I added the extra box a week ago.  Do not check your bees unless it is 50* or warmer.  If you fed your bees well in April then they should have plenty of sugar water stored in the cells to make it through this cold snap!  Before long, we will see dandelions and when there's a plentiful supply of those then pull the sugar feeder completely. 

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