Sunday, April 28, 2013

Empty Sugar Cans!!

I've heard from several beekeepers that hived bees yesterday that the sugar cans were completely empty!  If you have not yet hived your bees, get er done!!  If I were you, I'd wait until the warmest part of the day, when the snow and ice are melting and dripping.  The only source of food your bees have right now is probably what you are feeding them.  Do not spray them before hiving, though, as they can get way too cold and die from hypothermia.  Happy Hiving and I hope to see many of you at the Interior Beekeeper's Club tomorrow night!  Monroe Catholic School (7-9PM)


  1. Hey Dawn --

    We hived a week ago, checked the hive four days later. Queen seems to be in good shape. We're keeping them well-fed, but are concerned about these continued low temps. We've insulated inside and out, but wonder how stressed the critters might be getting. Comments?

    1. Hi Carl, Yes, I wonder the same, however, this Friday the weather is supposed to improve quite a bit and all the bees will get to take a "cleansing flight" at which time you will find bee poop everywhere!! I think the bees will recover just fine. A couple weeks of being cooped up is not even nearly as bad as five to seven months. I strongly recommend that beekeepers feed either Honey B Healthy or Bee Pro to their bees this spring to ward off any disease! :)