Monday, April 8, 2013


April 13th, 2013 Honeybee Order with Steve Victors
I will post an approximate time for our honeybee arrival as soon as I hear from Steve & Donna Victors!

Preparation Reminder:
4/11/13 or 4/12/13 -
1) Purchase a spray bottle ($0.99 at home depot) and rinse it out thoroughly

2) Purchase mini-marshmallows for slow-releasing your queen(s) or get a free one from me when the bees arrive.  They will be at the pollen patty table.

3) Mix up your 1:1 sugar water and store it at room temperature

4) Fill spray bottle to half

5) Bring all hive equipment inside house (70* or warmer)

6) I will do a live hiving demonstration on Sunday, April 14th around noon.

See You Then!!
:) Dawn

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