Friday, April 12, 2013

My Honeybee Plan!!

I will be keeping my bees in their 4lb. box until it warms up on Mon. 4/15/13.  The place I am storing my 4 lb. box of live bees is 50* to 58* and I will be spraying sugar water on them a couple times per day. (once in the morning and once in the evening) but checking on them mid-day to make sure they aren't hungry. I estimate I will hive my bees around 1PM on 4/15/13, just down the street from Monroe.  Any of my students are welcome to observe a live hiving.  If you want to be able to see up-close, please wear your beesuit.  I will call everyone who is getting bees tomorrow when the Victors are in Nenana so that you have a 45 min - 1 hour notice.  Please mix up your sugar water tonight if you haven't already.  Make sure there isn't any granules in it.  I use fox water so I'm not feeding my bees anything unnatural.  Also, I heat up the water on the stove and make sure the sugar gets dissolved completely.  Then I let it cool to room temperature.  I will fill up my spray bottle with sugar syrup in the morning and have all my tools, etc. ready for when the bees arrive.  Keep checking this blog for updates!!

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